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Reviews for "Defend Your Computer"


If only it was that easy...to bad......a nerd can dream cant he?that was really good dude make another Defend your computer 2!!!! Attack of the spam!!!! no serously make a seequel man! ok? im not kidding! oh and keep it up!


but how many fucking levels it haves?

Nice Techno music

This game is very good. The music was exactly my taste. Fast and good techno/trance music. Where did you get it?

Not bad, but a couple bugs I found

Well, you said you fixed the bugs, but still when I shoot the time icon I have 5 seconds taken away rather then gaining 10 seconds. Not a big deal, but it's difficult to get enough time for health upgrades when it does that. Also, sometimes the music doesn't change from the menu music to the level music. I don't know if you meant that or if it's a bug, so I brought it up. Overall, a good game, very fun to play, I enjoy it quite a bit ^_^


good but gets extremely boreing after a while