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Reviews for "Defend Your Computer"


If you made less baddies and the baddies that dont die, die, this could be a wonderful game

fuck it!

wtf is that

Way to hard

Way to hard lower the difficulty a bit and i'd give it a 10/10

Ew! Horrible!

Man, The graphics are boring, The game play is boring, the upgrades are lame.

And there is so many bugs!

1. You can't aim at some of the guys.
2. The mouse sometimes goes spastic on the game and you can't hit anyone (I tried with two different computers to make sure it wasn't just my mouse)
3. some of the guys don't die when you hit them


Yeah, Not a good game.

wtf was that

how the hell u click play and u die its like 50 people tryin to kill u and u cant move it suks so bad i would listen to a lady gaga cd than play this game and lady gaga is prity shit ;) peace out