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Reviews for "Defend Your Computer"

Wtfucking fuck??

What's the point of having a laser beam if you have to trigger the invaders? It's a clickmashfest with no real style.

Thumbs down.

Unlimited $$!!!!!!!!

allright so you make a username. put in "gh37". When you see the upgrade screen. go back to the main menu. Load your game and you will find yourself that you have $999999999999999. TH3N U KAN SP3ND UR $$$$$$ 0N 4NYTHING U WANT!!!!! :D

Note: it may not work for some machines :(

Ps: im finding in mid-game my cursor is going the opposite direction my mouse is.

Needs work, but not too shabby.

I honestly would like to see a sequel to this. If it ever does happen, my recommendations would be:
1- Add an area of effect to the laser, or make it look like it really hits.
This is one of the biggest flaws. The laser looks like it's passing through the enemies rather than striking them. Making it actually pierce and strike multiple targets would serve this game well, and if not then at least making it look like it's actually hitting.
2- Make the targeting cursor more noticeable.
Another design flaw; the cursor can be difficult to see sometimes.just making the cursor a little larger would go a long way.
3- Reduce the enemy spawn rate, and work on making a hit point system.
Even on the 'easy' difficulty, this game is hard because of the sheer number of enemies. By the same token, nearly all enemies die in one hit (the hentai and Quest ads take two). Cutting their spawn rate by 50%, as well as adding a hit point value to each enemy and a damage value to the laser, would work wonders.
4- Add some more upgrades, like a firewall.
It's something every computer should have, right? The firewall would cause damage to viruses and spyware enemies that pass the warning strip in front of the computer. (other upgrade possibilities include an upgradeable DOS attack, which extends how long it can be used for, or allows it to affect more than just spam, email and AOL hacking attempts; and a spam filter, that would slow spams, including superspams and minispams, by 50%.)
5- Make emoticons helpful.
Emotes, to me, had the potential of being some very handy powerups; an angry smily, for example, could've likely been an AoE bomb.
6- Add new types of enemies.
There's plenty of possibilities for enemies, like hackers, worms and trojans, and more friendly 'targets' like the emotes and virtual friends' chat messages.
7- Add more bosses.
I kind of expected there to be a boss every 10 levels, instead of there just being an all-out boss megafight at the end where you fight the same thing four times in a row, each time getting progressively tougher than the last.
8- Add transitional scenes.
This is one thing I disliked the most. There's no 'get ready' moments, it's all just GO GO GO!!! Adding transitions between scenes, most notably when you win a round, start the next round, and after defeating the megafight at the end. More than once I've had the 'You win level XX" screen come up while trying to fire at an enemy, only to accidentally click the 'Next round' button when I wanted to enter the upgrade screen to refill my health.


three words..... this game fails! the laser is horrible......gameplay is not so great.... my raiting 0 STARS!

Just plain bad.

Firstly, the laser sucks. it looks like an enemy hits it but really doesnt. second, the game says "game over" every time i try to start a new game. Third, its just too hard.