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Reviews for "Defend Your Computer"

...A pretty addictive game

But I have one problem with it. The menu transitions are so sudden, that at least three times while I was playing the end-level menu appeared suddenly and I accidentially pressed "Next Level", giving me no time to prepare. I understand that there's a timer, but I hardly have time to look at that when there are so many things trying to kill me. I'd like it if you could have a slower transition, giving a second before the buttons become clickable so people don't end up constantly clicking things without meaning to.


This game was flippin amazing.... and addicting. i like how you can save, i've never played a defense game that can let you save so this was a major help. i hope to see another

i hate the creator!

Why did you have to make such an addicting game -.-.

its annoying that i cant leave it alone :).


WOW...This is one of the top ever newgrounds defense games...Originality, Gameplay, Graphics, Adictive...Its a piece of gamming heaven...I must be dreaming...someone slap me...




This is an awesome game, me and a friend go back and forth trying to beat each others scores. super addicting, smooth gameplay, and decent graphics.

the only reason I gave it a 9/10, is because there is always room for improvement :)

cant wait for version 3 to come out :P