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Reviews for "Defend Your Computer"


unplayable fo me!!! .no thats horrible...nice idea but shitty done....sry....

agre with spectre118


-Need pinpoint accuracy to kill anything with the overheating semi-automatic fail gun.
-Barely any difficulty scaling, just starts off hard and stays hard, which has a lot to do with the above point.
-Good job with the positioning of the "next level" as soon as the level is over. Who in their right mind would even click that if they wanted to? The save and continue button is in upgrades...
-Not even worth shooting at the super spam enemies, you'll miss them and be overun by everything else.
-Only good thing about this game is I realised how shit it was after 5 minutes.

for the dude below

most games in newgrounds start of easy and get harder as you pass the game

stop your bitching and get off newgrounds then
theres nothing wrong with this master piece
great music
great game

gayest game i have seen so far

this game was a pice of crap, i mean most games in newgrounds start of easy and get harder as you pass the game, this game starts in hard and just pretty much stays there, it is gay that by the second level my gun got jammed( i dont know if it was the game or laggying but it still sucks dick) and the fuckcing aol sign got me in the bigining of the game and made me inverted through out the whole level and you have a laser you should be able to keep the button pressed and destroy the viruses and the fucking viruses where walking outside of the computer which is just fucking wierd and confusing O.o


lol, thats a pretty nice game, very entertaining. graphics are good as well as the game play, although i suck pretty bad at it, lol