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Reviews for "Defend Your Computer"

this is crap

i started and there was enough enemys to be the final level wtf


-3 stars for the enemies speeding up out of nowhere
-1 for pop up blocker not even working for me
-1 for having to click every target
pretty terrible but i see potential if you fixed it a LOT!

Interesting game

I thought it was quite a good game, it was quite addictive and funny. The upgrades were pretty good and useful.


It was alright i guess. Had a great idea but there were some flaws. The most annoying thing was the laser. I dont like the fact that yo have to click each individual threat to kill it, especially since i have a touch-pad :) But with a little work on the laser thsi game will be a 10!


It needs a lot of work, first the cool down. Way too many enemies than the cool down can handle, make it shorter or better yet remove it all together. The AOL man? Pointless, all it does is destroy any hope of learning to play. The upgrades are way too expensive you can't buy anything until level 3 and the health powerups are useless. Just tweak it to be less difficult in the beginning. No game should be intense from the start.