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Reviews for "Poninjas Episode Three"


Ever since the pirate poninja's episode I saw a while back, I've loved each and every second of these flash's. Everything is spot on about them from sound to graphics to violence. <3.


is that was the black star song remixed , thats great.
wat was your hero?a pet ? an human , or you don t know too?
ok good animation

AngryMouse14 responds:

You speaka english no good! :\

Definitly an improvement.

It's a lot better than the other jedi one for sure. But it still is missing that fast pace action that the other ones have. Still, it's worthwhile seeing it once or twice.

Way better

This was way better than the other poninja 3

Awesome graphics and animation

Way better than the other messed up version. Too bad it was very short though, could have been longer.