Reviews for "Heaven is Closed"


Awesome man, I haven't reviewed up till now, but thanks for doing this for me, It already goes great with my animation.


This would go well with a madness video, or a serious/nighttime video. I like it! It loops pretty well too.

Bonus point for not being what I expected

Strong title to grab attention. I personally love the maraca intro, it was not what I expect at all. It's hard to describe the atmosphere this song produces. I really do appreciate a good symbiotic relationship between a song's title and the song itself. A strong piece with a sense of mystery.

Deserves way more reviews and such

Really great ambient tune, very enjoyable. I think it deserves more reviews & DLs.
Excellent track, short but somehow long enough to serve it's purpose. On my ipod.

karthon responds:


Just immagine..

You died, and Heaven was your god sent destination, and there's a sign on the gates that sais "We're closed, call again soon" and then this song was on loop until it was re opened.

I don't think I could get bored. I'd just close my eyes and enjoy.

This would go extremely good with Splinter Cell, or some kind of Spec-Op kinda execute your enemy from silence type of game. Like some of the mission's from COD4 / 6