Reviews for "Heaven is Closed"

Deserves way more reviews and such

Really great ambient tune, very enjoyable. I think it deserves more reviews & DLs.
Excellent track, short but somehow long enough to serve it's purpose. On my ipod.

karthon responds:


Bonus point for not being what I expected

Strong title to grab attention. I personally love the maraca intro, it was not what I expect at all. It's hard to describe the atmosphere this song produces. I really do appreciate a good symbiotic relationship between a song's title and the song itself. A strong piece with a sense of mystery.


This would go well with a madness video, or a serious/nighttime video. I like it! It loops pretty well too.

hmm its ambient in a...

nocturnal sort of way. the mood is set to peaceful or covert.

But must say, it really gets our reflexes on point - did VERY well in a game with this playing =D


Awesome man, I haven't reviewed up till now, but thanks for doing this for me, It already goes great with my animation.