Reviews for "The last debarkment"


so you did this whole thing yourself? Seems like a hell of a lot of work. Seems like front page material. Good luck with it.


Some people experienced some kind of "awakening" from this video.
I just thouhgt it was interesting to watch.
But i rather lack empathy in general...

Good, not fantastic

Great art and animation, great premise, very good music, but it lacked coherence - I think it would have been better had the pictures painted a single, coherent story rather than just appearing to be individual flashes.

Good, almost there

Very interesting, and I like the message that you are trying to get out. The images don't quite give the same impact it seems you try to portray though.
~Do you feel alive?/Just open your eyes/Just open your eyes/and see that life is beautiful!~ Life is Beautiful, Sixx A.M.

I judged this as an artist

Well it was well animated and interesting but could do with a little differentiation to the transfers