Reviews for "The last debarkment"

It's okay..

It's a nice flash but the sound sucks. Anyway it's a nice flash and better than the junk that's popping up.


it was great but it gave me sad feelings. my uncle died couple of days ago and i have been on sad mood and this made me cry. but it was beautiful.damn.


Amazing. I personally don't believe your life flashes before your eyes right before death, I think something unimaginable happens. Eitherway, this flash is brilliant. The message is brilliant. Amazing job.

Pretty good

The execution of your idea was flawless, but I'm not into the whole life is beautiful thing. I've exepirenced death, in a very real way, and on reflection, it was wack, but not like this.

Good message but...

The message was good but the pictures was unclear and I didn't understand the middle and that person's memories but the start and end I understood well.

Good Job