Reviews for "The last debarkment"

Wow great work

these graphs are amazing, nice special effets!
nice storyline


the black to white was a cool effect and the flatline beep at the end was a nice touch. i almost think i know what death is gonna be like now. maybe ill go jump off a cliff or something.


I dont even know what to say....I dont even think you know what youve created....when i read the person before me's comment, i was gunna say something like you can judge falsh on what you think is good, not always, if ever, by whether you can do it yourself, but now my objective has changed.....
Im 99 percent positive you have no idea what you created....im giving you a high score based how it affected me, and thats not for you or anyone else to know......wow

based on a flash standpoint....good job......

but all i have to say is this movie made me cry


this is one of the best animations i've seen for a long time, you are incredible. Everything was just perfect. Thanks for bringingthis into the world

its ok

my lifes grand