Reviews for "The last debarkment"

it was like in a dream!

The black/white effect of the images was like in dreams!


it really shows how life is special, and it dose it in a way i least expect it, i think everyone should see this movie at least once in their lives


This was amazing. At first I thought it was going to be one of those screamers...but this was exellent. I couldn't belive how, just, amazing this is. Kind of sad. I also wonder: was the beep at the end a heart moniter?

This was amazing.


This video is totally insane. I can imagine that to be a pretty accurate depiction of what death might be like. I've had magic mushroom induced seizures, something that I'm sure is comparable to dying, and whenever I come out of them I hear that high-pitched whine that was at the end of ur video. That made it much more effective. Great video, keep 'em coming.


*sigh*. Makes you wonder... when you die, will the life that flashes before your eyes be one you are proud of? Life is Half and Half, good and bad. Mabye your life is good, and your still poor, or have AIDS. Mabye your life is frowened upon. even if your rich, healthy, and atractive. I suppose that is one of life's main purposes... to live a good one, and be proud of your life, it's a shiny trophie. When it breaks, you hope it was worth keeping in the first place. This movie makes you want to see a good life Before you die. It makes ME want to, anyway. Yep. I'm voting 5.