Reviews for "The last debarkment"


this is for all sissies out there from a fellow sissy, this aint a screamer. its a series of black n white images of people, happy people, before a final wavering circle of light blacking out, representing the final closing of eyes and death. nothing scary. mind you when you do watch the movie your brain will feel strange, sorta light headed like you're really about to die and life is flashing before you. its a strange, high feeling. didnt make me look at life differently though, sorry it didnt do the trick.

hey, xero...

It's not a screamer. Read the reviews. If it was, people'd post stuff like "That scared the living shit out of me" and there would be no lesson. Plus, I saw a comment or two about how it isn't. Plus, I watched.

I almost couldn't watch it. It scares me how facing this is inevitible. I really felt like i died.

When the circle at the end was wavering, I kept thinking, "no, not yet. It can't be."

I felt something die inside of me.

But that thing that has died has left a seed, a growing, blossoming seed.

That seed is wonder.

Wonder about how life IS beautiful.

This seed will soon grow, slowly, until, as I become a young man, it creates a new me. A joyous me, about how i must enjoy life now.

Not must, but will.

And the blossomig has already started.

Thank you, Vladmir. You have opened my eyes... and my mind.


i cant watch......is this a screamer? tell me for real

makes you think...

technically, your brain may react nerves without it dying, but just a large jolt of near-death experiences that may or may not happen. its psychology.

it was decently animated with nice sound effects. great job!

its ok

my lifes grand