Reviews for "The last debarkment"

Nice one

A very good submission, good concept and well done.

An excellent piece

Here is my review

The graphics are a ten. This movie is very very good If that is animations draw out like in the scenes your animating skills are very good, If they are photos very good job on the fade outs. It is a very fluid animation I think if you had used color you would have ruined this flash. The Style is also a ten. I have seen a couple animations on here with life flashing before peoples eyes. But you know how some animations can be. I do believe that this is near perfet of what could possibly happen it has never happended to me. But im thinking maybe to you? The sound is five its not all to impressive simple song and heart beat still though the music is not to loud. But at the end you used a really upbeat and happy song kinda threw me off a little bit. There is no violence. One on interactivity cause I pushed play a lot. Its not a funny movie so zero on that which im glad you did not throw any comedy into it. Overall man your getting a Ten and a five and I will be looking for this on the front page you have created on hell of a flash animation. Maybe the only down side would have been to let the images load and dissolve a little bit slower so we could immerse ourselves into the scenes to get a better picture of what is going on. But still man Good Job


One thing I would ahve suggested was to have some fucked up images in there! The black and white style compliamented with some damned horrible life pictures could ahve made this thing intoxicating ;)

this is WOW!!!!

me to I like supertramp but...how did you do this effect its awesome

awesome graphics!

very original, but i didnt get the last part with the circle.