Reviews for "The last debarkment"

idea and style

i was ROFL... Idea was Great!
This is the best sprite flas ever...

That was amazing...

Probly one of the best flash animations I have ever seen, the style was fantastic and the images were so well done. Although the music at the end was alittle outta place, But I guess it was supposed to represent friends and good times and shit...over all, outstanding!

wow very good!!

it was very good man! i gave me goosebups or how you say it. =) but only the music at the end diddnt suit the movie. but good job


That was very intresting.. I liked your graphics, cant wait to see more of you!

It's okay..

It's a nice flash but the sound sucks. Anyway it's a nice flash and better than the junk that's popping up.