Reviews for "The last debarkment"


I like it.. .alright


quite seen something like this. really simple, but very different from what I am use to on this website. I like it. But the the storyline lacks where the art doesn't. it never really pulled through to tie it all together.


And interesting visual. Simple, yet effective, and it goes far beyond the cartoon style that so many have come to assume comes hand in hand with Newgrounds animation. Curious use of School from Supertramp as the closing piece...

I would suggest this though. Have, aside from the single images, others that would make a sort of impact, for a lasting impact. For example, an image that suggests the nature of the death.

cool flash.

it really grabs the concept. that ping got me at the end, lol.

Expected something else.

Good thing it didn't happen. At the end I was waiting for something to pop out and the little *ding* got me. Wonderful flash.