Reviews for "The last debarkment"


kool, that was really effictive. the sounds and pictures really fitted in to make a really morbid scene. i love it man. and the ending! oh, i almost jumped out of my foreskin. that was incredibly effective. the whole thing plays mind games and makes you think about the fact that, life is good! enjoy it. oh, it was so good i love you and want to marry you now! awesome! real deep.
well done
peace out doode.

Very nice, but...

As it is, this is a very nice animation with a great concept. Honestly, though, the sound ruined it for me. I'm sure the music was to make it so that the animation didn't take an overly-somber attitude, but if the sounds and production values thereof had been tweaked for more subtlety, more overlapping, and getting more vague and distant, then this would have been much more visceral.

An Amazing Flash & A Amazing Take On Life

This is a really amazing Flash showing what happens when you die. If you have the volume up loud and read the words, it really feels as if you are lieing in the middle of the road, dieing. Very touching and a powerful message.


Amazing. I personally don't believe your life flashes before your eyes right before death, I think something unimaginable happens. Eitherway, this flash is brilliant. The message is brilliant. Amazing job.


yes it depicts life the way most would like to perseve it but, however, i hgihly doubt what ur gonna see rihgt before you die is going to be all god. mostlikely tou are gonna see more of toure mistakes than all the good memories. Life is to rteach you a lesson so what good would it do to show u everything u did right and none of what u did wrong. though i am not religiouse i do think we are here to laern something. sorry to rip aprt you flash because i realy did like it. it was very thoughtful and very well detailed. nice job anyway. u can tell u are a very deep person. just maybe think a little deeper if u want to make another deep flash...i give it a 4. keep up the good work oh and maybe add color.