Reviews for "The last debarkment"


This is truly amzing! It made me think,I mean,I want to live my life in a way that at the end,Ill now I had a purpose in my life and achieved it. That my existance had an impact on this world,and that I didnt waste my life. Because,what would be the point in living if when my time comes,I have done absolutely nothing? this made me think,and made me sure that i was born for a reason,and i want to make a change in the world for good,even if its just a little bit. When my time comes to die, i want to be in peace because i already did something in my life and helped the world.

Anyway..this is a great animation,it helps people value their life and not waste it. Because..if the life flshing before your eyes thing is true..how horrible it would be to see it flashing and realize you wasted it?? But to everyone that reads this,its NEVER TOO LATE to appreciate and do something with your life.late would be when you actually die,but if you're reading this,youre obviously alive,no? :)

ok i dont know if what i wrote even made sense..lol well it made sense to me,but i ahve this thing that sometimes i say something that makes sense to me,but it doesnt to other people!!!:S anyway...i rate this a 5/5 and congratulations on making such a beautiful animation!!


your art was so amazing it honestly made me hurt a little how badly i wish i could express what i picture in my head the same way you can.


this was ...... odd but good in some way 5/5

This honestly made me speechless!

I cant put my finger on why i loved this, but i did! maybe it's cos i havent seen anything quite like this, i dunno. but what i do know is that it was awesome, and it's obvious you got some real flair, style and originality!


this is one of the best animations i've seen for a long time, you are incredible. Everything was just perfect. Thanks for bringingthis into the world