Reviews for "The last debarkment"

Good message but...

The message was good but the pictures was unclear and I didn't understand the middle and that person's memories but the start and end I understood well.

Good Job

I think people are over complicating what...

this is supposed to be.... I don't think it was meant to have a story and I feel that it really did capture what the author was going for. The quick moment before death, an entire life's worth of memories flashed before his mind. The author promised nothing more than that. 10/10 for accomplishing what you wanted to.

... euh

... the awsome ...

Good, almost there

Very interesting, and I like the message that you are trying to get out. The images don't quite give the same impact it seems you try to portray though.
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Like the Idea

like the idea, but that arent my images, and you cant change it.