Reviews for ".:JK+Monk:. Eternity"

Oh shit.

LyricalVisionary (1:28:16 AM): I got a boner :D

MC-Q responds:

swizztec (1:28:16 AM): Stick it in my compressor.


LyricalVisionary (12:36:17 AM): (picks jaw up off of floor) WOW!

review me back if you want.

MC-Q responds:

Haha thanks. Ill be sure to.

This is just the beginning

And they're wont be an end.
We are back at it.

MC-Q responds:

Hell yeah.
Were back at it like sum crack addicts.

This is different

The drums on this kind of remind me of something that Linkin Park did on their Hybrid Theory album where it was only an instrumental. This shit is hella tight and I'm loving the feel of this one. Stay up.

MC-Q responds:

Ahh thank you thank you.
I was going for a heavy burden type feel on these drums XD
But thanks and yes i shall never stand in one sopt everr again :P

Very Special & Unique

First off, props for originality! ;D This song is very bizzare but yet amazing, original, and unique. You really don't hear these type of beats very often in the audio portal everyday. I find this style of hip-hop is very inspiring. Again, props. Nice THX beginning, lol. The mixing and mastering of this song is RIDICULOUSLY flawless. It's so outstanding, that I don't think it needs to be improved at all! It's perfect the way it is. So beautiful :'( I liked the medium-pitched piano that starts at 0:09. The melody is good. It fits great in the well-crafted beat and the volume is perfect. But you could've done more with it by making it longer or adding in a second melody. But it's still pretty good. I love the change around 2:58, that part was very sweet. Even the mixing there doesn't need to improved.
Wow. o.o Overall, awesome collab song. You guys sure have put in a lot of time and effort on this. Props for that. This is a very-well mastered piece. I don't know about you, but I believe it deserves Top 5 of the week. >;D Thanks for showing me this, I have added it to my favorites and downloaded it. Keep it up, guys!

Hope you enjoyed reading my review! :D