Reviews for "Rise of the Cross"


hmm i didt feel like quite myself while listening to this, it felt like i was somewhere else , your songs have a great impact on others, to be able to deliver music that implores listeners to their imagination is amazing haha but thats jus me xD

Bosa responds:

Well, that's what I always aim for.


Whoa, I read the story...and...and I can't find the words. That's awesome!!!!

Bosa responds:

At least somebody read it!

Thank you.

Strong and Purposeful

this is an amazing song, and the fact it is powerful like it is makes it even better.

I generally like heavy metal/techno, but i often find that instrumentals are better for moods and settings. And your song does this in spades.

great work.

Beautiful song for a beautiful story.

Some day, I'm going to use this, and I'm going to tell everyone "Go check out Bosa, the mastermind behind all the music!" People don't hear this kind of music enough.

This song is epic and beautiful and so is the story that goes with it. However, you should've made your story into paragraphs rather than a single wall of text. That was a bit daunting to the eyes.