Reviews for "Gravity based movement"


Dunno what i like about this soooooo much, but i do

swee lv 110

i got to level 110 before i decided to write this im still working on it thoough :p by level 63 i could just click multipule times near the sword thingy on the omongo orb and it would gain levels TRY BEATING LEVEL 110! it was also cool that on self controled ones that you lost control of the orb when it was alone that made it harder so you couldnt just click near the sword and gain levels really cool game man keep it up im voting a 5 for this game every day

Newton Would Be Proud!

I loved it! It was phyisics at their best and I can't wait fot the game!

I gave you a 2 for humor b/c it was funny to see a lvl.0 rape a lvl.79! It would be cool if:
-there was a kill counter
-instead of gain 1 lvl per kill it would be cooler if the lvls combined or, if it got a lvl and the other broke up into like 3 lvl.0's
-if you could make sationary gravity pulls, like black holes or a sun, that way you could get the things to orbit it

Overall, it was a wonderful game and I can't wat for the next one :)

Simple, but way too good

I spent maybe 10 minutes playing this game. It's hilarious. I got to 120, way to big for the screen.

Very Fun

I was able to get up to size 88 with the user controlled element before I couldn't control myself anymore.

Nevertheless, this is fun, and entertaining.