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Reviews for "Maximum Ninja - 3"

you already know

there are 2 kinds of flashes in world that should exist : funny and madness ...

...god damn u

u coudlve atleast let the battle go on lol well other than the end"im still mad" this movie is fucking awsome...krinkels would/should be proud lol

Great but why TO BE CONTINUED

this was brill and right when you think its over you put a TO BE CONTINUED in it why couldnt you just finish it there i want to see the end this is great make the next 1 as soon as possible

or if youve already made the next 1 where can i find it

Sometimes I think yur stuff looks better than...

...well, Krinkels himself. This was absolutely, positively, mega, super, ultra, deluxo version, pure jaw-dropping awesomeness! There, now you know how I feel about your "Maximum Ninja." So what are you waiting for?! Make another one dude!

---Your friend, The_Protagonist.---

pure sweetness

you and krinkles should do a death match between maximum ninja and madness see how they would stand against each other that really would kick arse good guy vs good guy and bad guy vs bad guy or a mix of the 2 madness good guy against steve maximum ninja against jesus