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Reviews for "Maximum Ninja - 3"

very well done

very well done indeed, I love krinkels original stuff, and i would say yours is very true to his pieces. a very well done homage for a very well done series. I loved the music though, I <3 it very much. so just to let you know, good choice, and message me sometime to send it to me :P


cool little into u had there proper movie-like.

overall great movie, nice tribute to madness... ive watched MN1 nd 2 nd loed them both aswell, this is the ultimate installment its fukin cool dude... i wuda reviewed 1 nd 2 but cbb so yea:P

o ye also whats up with the subliminal messaging dude!
'Live your owen life.. bla.. bla Kill you idols'nd the other one jst after he enters the facility ns also the writing that scrolls across the top when the gangleader guy is in the car =/

WTF :|

newayz cool movie

r u a a satanist btw... cos if u r then thts really uncool dude... gay infact nd u shud burn. but if ur not then jst 4get wot i sed =D

But still the subliminal messaging baffles me

Your work speaks for itself...

Keep it up and good luck to you on all of your future submissions and projects.

The truth is - Hollywood never looked this good...

The action is soo intense and stylish. It makes krinkel's work look like childsplay. The original madness series is good, but this is soo much better than that.

The storyline and the beginning to end, felt like a movie. Although the truth is, hollywood movies didn't have action that ever looked this good.

You have my total respect.
Graphics are beautiful, style is great, violence is perfect, sound is good, the overall mark is ten. Excellent job on this work. I can't wait to see a sequel (prequel?), doesn't matter. They're all sweet. You just gave me soo much inspiration for my animations now.


I liked this better than most of the madness movies, the music was great the story line is nice...BTW Damn you! Making this To be continued...