Reviews for "Maximum Ninja - 3"

THAT is what I call madness

Dude, this is fr*ckin awesome! Cant wait for part 4!!! Awesome choice of music and perfect animation...

Krinkels can learn something of you!


When is the fourth coming out

You and Krinkels have to make sequels

Krinkels stuff is funny, while yours is serious.
krinkels has simple story, yours gets complicated after a while
but you put a lot of work in the animations, detail, even the way the guns look
if anyone is reading this watch this flash, because in some ways (gulp, i cant believe i'm actually saying this!) this maximum ninja stuff is better than madness
in some ways


Dude, you are right up there with krinkels.... I worship you.

Ninja OWNZ!

well, this is pretty damn good, I would have to say better than krinkels!!!
I hate u for not making the most exciting part, THE fight between ninja and Steve!, grrr...XD