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Reviews for "Maximum Ninja - 3"

only a few things

the only reason the style is 4 is because that style of animation is kinda old. ynow cause its like everyones done a madness sketch of somekind and the madness thing is getting repetitive. but other than that ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT!

Awesome flash,keep up the work. A game next?

One of my favorite movies ever. I think the madness style rocks
All 5.

Krinkels is weeping with joy <3

That was unbelievable. It was long and took a while to get to the action, but after that... yeah. You and Krinkels should do a Madness collab. It could be a sequel to Madness Depredation AND Maximum Ninja 3!


That was so good you should make a movie of this

Holy shit!

That was so awesome! And you managed to get Krinkels to help you with these? Wow! And I'd be too squemish to hit people with someone's spine!