Reviews for "Rocket Plunger"


That was good it was great i liked it at least!

RoobyKillAll responds:

thanks, glad you enjoyed it =)

humour... :P

Well your short movie, gave me a laugh, the graphics were crude but funny, what tickd me off that it wasn't longer, but still you safriced quanity for quality, not vica versa. Godd work, may the force be with ou , lol

P.S Good sound, and goood humour

RoobyKillAll responds:

Thanks a lot! To be honest, this is actually the first flash I've ever done using FlashMX. Just thought I'd give it a go. Thanks for the review.

New idea: Fully-Automatic Plunger Gun

This is a nice, run off the mill flash with decent humor, original, and funny (though I didn't laugh, it made me laugh on the inside).
Here's an idea: make another, only make it like the battleground series and everyone would have like a different plunger weapon!
Ideas for weapons: (Note this is just an idea)
Fully Automatic Plunger Gun
Schrapnel Plunger Grenade
Plunger Sword
Just a plain plunger
And you can think of the rest!

That Other Dude

OMG awesome

wow, i must say that was definately the best submission that ive ever seen on newgrounds. everything was perfect. smooth animation, good music, funny as heck idea. woot, favorite list. ill also come back and vote 5 everyday!

pretty good

great grafics, funny, brings back memories, but a little short.