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Reviews for "How to make a cup of tea"


right now making this review i am laughing my ass off...it was a great job, but no offense...it was so stupid it was funny, i mean who dosent know how to make a cup of tea? its not that hard...well i guess you must know someone so you did the world a better place by showing ppl how to "poperly" make a cup of tea. Even if i do insult this i really do think u did a great job and im giving u a 7 for it.

Grax responds:

It was one of the tasks that I was set for the interview. Something nice and simple. Maybe the people who worked there didn't know how to make a cup of tea.

Well done

Well done indeed

An unexpected thumbs up

It was really quite funny without un-nessecary violence or stupid gags. The Animation was smooth and well done. The sound was good apart from a couple of slip ups in the narration where it seemed you became a little toungue tied.

I liked... I'm glad it got you the Job ^_^

Thats how you do it!!!

Very nice. Too bad i skip about five steps in tea making. Well its nice to know tea making is a delicacy just like this flash. It was very original and also a little wierd to be seen on the site for blood, guts and just about everything violent. It was a nice relaxing break. Great job. Lil-Pouch!!!! GET ME SOME TEA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

-BigPouch Hi Hi Productions

Jolly Good.

Thanks very much. Now I can make a nice cuppa. lol
The end bit was funny. The graphics were good all except the people. The guy getting yelled at and leaking was a good touch.