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Reviews for "How to make a cup of tea"

like i didnt know....

lol, thanks for the guide...

Milk ettiquette?

Good flash, but ya might want to work on your graphics a bit. The sound was a little low, too.
According to "The Salmon Of Doubt", Douglas Adams said that one should use BOILING water, not BOILED water. This effects the flavour, or so he said. He also mentions "milk ettiquette", as I call it, which pretty much means that some "shun" the method of adding milk first because the hot tea will scald the milk. He said that it didn't really matter when you add the milk, as long as the tea wasn't like making love in a canoe.
Come on. You know; Fucking close to water.
Right....I'm just gonna go have a beer.

lol pretty damn funny

if you see one of these people on the street you should shun them. that'll teach them.


My head hurts to much knowledge for one day

You amateur...

Ask me for some hardcore tea-perfection tips - these were just the simple ones that everyone is aware of.

I'm serious - people are gonna give me awards n' crap for my genius.