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Reviews for "How to make a cup of tea"


did he wet himself, wow love it and agree milk is add last

that was good tea

I followed your instructions and made a very good cup of tea.

Grax responds:

Another satisfied customer.


very well done. Good narration, great with the buttons there. That allowed me to read everything, and not miss the next step(s) I liked how the guy in the end freaked out on Bill, and then he pee'd his pants. I figured you would have added more humour to this flash, like throwing the tea bag at the screen before disposing of it. And when adding the sugar, add way too much, like.. 10 spoon fulls. But it was funny either way. Keep up the good work, well done. (*High Five*) NoSoup: OUT

Pretty good

I liked this flash, it was a nice way to explain the procedure of making a cuppa tea heh...great alternative to those 'how to' sites. Honestly, I know know how to make a decent cuppa tea and I'm going to apply what I've learned heh...unique flash, keep it up!

A cuppa!!!

This is in my favourites!!!