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Reviews for "How to make a cup of tea"

Thank You!

Thanks "How to make a cuppa" Whenever I used to try to make a cuppa it wasn't right...But now I just made one following your instructions and I'm delighted with the consiquences!!! Thank you once again!!

nothing like a nice cup of tea :)

sorry mate I've already had one (or 8 today) its your turn to make one :)

nice one, had me laughing..... although i did know it all aready, but I'm british, i was born with a cup of tea in my hand lol

good work :)

Thank heavens!

Until now, I'd been pouring several spoon fulls of dirt into my brew!

Thank you How to Make a Cup of Tea!

Thank you!

Grax responds:

Another satisfied customer.

That is...

...officially the most 'english' thing I've ever seen.
Brings back memories.
very clean and well designed! :)


I love tea. I like to watch this movie for whatever weird reason. Good job.