Reviews for "Mega Movie Pt 1"


That was funny.

At first I was like "Uh oh.. this might not be good.."

But I was proven wrong!

Let's just hope other people stick with it, and watch it, instead of just clickin 0

Well done

It was cleaver and also you where thinking out side of the box. Which is always good. Besides that Megaman rocks!!!!


I dont belive im laughing at a pupet show where u kept seeing the pupeters. But "(Fifty battles later) WHO ELSE WANTS SOME!!!" omg hilarious.


lol that was pretty funny in alittle odd way but still pretty damn funny keep making more like this and ill keep laughing my ass off

So bad, it's funny!

Man, this movie is so bad, it's funny as hell! Where did you get the Goomba toy?