Reviews for "Mega Movie Pt 1"

Yet another great job!

But what happened to Zero's hands? I know sometimes toys lose parts (Like my transformers did. Damn those pieces fall to easily).

But this movie like your other Action figure movies was just very funny. Specially the random battle thing! That is so true...

I gotta watch the sequel.

Oh, MegaMan is my hero ^_^

Wow! That was hilariously great!

I liked this movie because:

1.I never thought that somebody would use action figures to make a movie for Newgrounds.

2.This reminded me of what me and my brothers did about five years ago. We used action figures to make a few movies of our own. However your jokes and such were as flawless as ours! Probably even better.

3.Zero made the perfect cliched character. And it was about time too.

4.Your voice acting was hilarious!

5.You made the movie in which they move one clip at a time in some parts. We never even thought of that!

6.It makes us feel good for making ours. However, we wouldn't want to post ours for some of the movies were inspired by some movies we saw on Newgrounds. I won't say the name of those movies on Newgrounds we used, for their animators may get pissed off at us, but we were just kids back then.

In conclusion, great movie! This is definitely going under my favs.


i like the plot and the obviose stuff and espically with zero that had no hands LOL make more plz

original i'll gve you that

it was good and funny in parts i'm going to watch pt 2 right after i go to the village to buy random crap.

Best: Graphics and sound

Well... I guess it's becuase it's a movie.

Nice! But you should have avoided getting your fingers in the screen better.

Great! Did you record every sentence seperately, or were they all one recording?

A punch. Whatev.

None. (I don't count play buttons!)

Some of that was kind of funny... in a weird way... but funny.

Good job! I will now go watch the other.