Reviews for "Mega Movie Pt 1"

WHO ELSE WANTS SOME!?!?!? ...egh...

That was sooo freeking funny and there realy isn't much else to say other than ,Why doesen't he have hands?

BarryToon responds:

Lttle Brothers lost the hands

Loved this!

"I think this is when the villagers give us hints about our quest and we unquestionably follow them."
I loved it XD


i like the part when hes like we need to travel around town to buy useless crap can we buy me some hands :]


And it's strange that the megaman toy is the same as mine. And poor what's-his-name, he donsen't have any hands. Oh well, good luck on part three.

Very funny man, very funny

This is great, and so is the sequal. I want to see a part 3.