Reviews for "Mega Movie Pt 1"

It's funny because it's so true!

Good job! The movie was just so stupidly funny, it was awesome. The movement was pretty good, and the voices were well done, even though a lot of characters sounded pretty similar. I can't wait for part 2!

Although Zero is no man's sidekick.

BarryToon responds:

Part two came out two minutes after the first! Zero is a sidekick because he has no hands.


It was funny but what I really liked is that you can change the size of the screen and have subtitiles or not. But the bottons were just plane gradiants which suck...


That was funny.

At first I was like "Uh oh.. this might not be good.."

But I was proven wrong!

Let's just hope other people stick with it, and watch it, instead of just clickin 0


Loved the sub-titles.

BarryToon responds:

Ho0rray! You Found the Buttons!


Oh god this was funny they both sounded like they were on something. Damn this was great.