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Reviews for "River Valley"

Overall i really like it, I personally enjoy nature themed art and i find it a well captured scene. I would have liked more definition on the leaves and textures unless its ment to bee seen from afar, did you mean that?. Also you over did it with the fog but that's my opinion...

was this a really tranquil and quiet place you imagined? that's the feeling i get. There's no leaves flying around or air currents visible in the fog and the river isnt flowing, at least i dont see it flowing ( it's lacking foam or something to show its movement a little bit more). Well it all depends on what you meant to express.

I hope you find this constructive, its the sole purpose of my comment here, keep up the great job, i really liked the technices you used and the feeling it gives.

Also i'm not an artist my self, just a really compulsive observer !

SkyrisDesign responds:

Thanks for the comment! Yea I really wanted this place to be a " mystery " . Like a quiet, mysterious place hiding from ,society. And in the thick fog, a man made structure appears pulling the player towards it.

Thats beautiful

Nice painting. It's a good show of sfumato, but it almost becomes a study of it instead of a painting on it's own. Additionally the rock off to the left looks like a mountain due to its dramatic contrasts and deep valleys, it just seems out of place. If the rock off to the left was covered in foliage or if it is a mountain you were to take away the large canyon to make the mountain to scale it would make this a more cohesive piece.

SkyrisDesign responds:

yea i was trying to add some mid ground elements but the rocks do seem out of place D:

Seems a bit too professional for Newgrounds. You already work in entertainment?

SkyrisDesign responds:

U must be joking LOL my work is nowhere near that level xD

Very neat background work friend! It feels very alive. Maybe you could add some forsaken temple on the back to maximaze the creepy feel you get from mistly jungles like this! Also, seems like you forgotten to add this to the art portal , unless its my browser's glitch. When you submit an art piece , make sure you tick the box saying "this is not a sketch , include it on the art portal." This way many more people will be able to see it and vote on its awesomness ;)

SkyrisDesign responds:

Oh wow, thanks for the reminder! I didn't know about that. I'm still new to this site. ^^