Reviews for "Strategy Guide Ep. 4"


I don't know what the last guy's problem was, but he must obviously not get out much. And with the psuedo-intellectual nonsense? Give me a break.

Keep up the awesome work on SG.

a bit boring

I liked the poster of Jimi in that one room, aside from that....Modern video games are just fantasies that people can live out. Old video games are fantasies too, just with bad graphics and a soundtrack composed by a microwave. To escape into that kind of fantasy you have to be scrapping the barrel pretty damn hard. If you’re going to make a movie about a lame topic don't rely on stereo types and bad cliches. I don't know where you live but I've never met anyone who was like Hollywood's idea of a stoner. Come up with something a little more original, it might distract the viewer from realizing that your jokes are really not that funny.

Needle responds:

I have three words for you, Mr. Sophisticate:

Pull my finger.

Ahaha! (that's a bad summary)

Aw man! I loved this! I thought it couldn't get any better that you made a new one, but then BAM, Hendrix! Sweet.


Great Series!

I just watched your whole series, it's great. You should do one on Earthbound / Mother 2 :P (Mother 2 is the Japanese name just FYI.)


Fuckin shit that was hilarious im gonna go and watch those espisodes again