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Reviews for "Strategy Guide Ep. 4"

Blasta masta sucka!!!!!!!!

Dude yay you finally made a new episode!! It's awesome as usual! And I'm glad to see i'm not the only one who used to play Blaster Master! I never owned it but I rented it lots and it was awesome. but I could never get past level 3! hahaha. man good job it was great. the only thing I didn't like it how you only had one scene in the game and it was just a race. I wanted to see you animate some bosses and stuff! oh well it was still a 10 out of 10 man!! and thanks for choosing such a great intro song! Rage pwns!!!


Really good flash. After so much time, the dream has come to fruition! Good job, dere.

Damm you

You made us wait forever for this, a year and a half!

Still good though

great work needle!

damn these flashs are my favorite. and excellent use of which nes games to use too! u get my ten

damn funny

that was damn funny and the guy before me is a ****ing idiot!!!!