Reviews for "Strategy Guide Ep. 4"

I love you man

You have to be one of the best flash animators ever. This series>everything else.


Hmmm... In the credids, you cast the girl as 'Japanese', but the frog knocks over the Eiffel Tower! WTH? Great Series!

More, MORE!!!



Blaster Master was my favorite game when I was little. Thanks for the fond memories, man. ^.^
This flash is a very funny, and a good look into the old games we grew up on in a comedic way.
Hope this isn't your last. I'd like to see this on the late night G4 line up.

that was so fuckin good!

Very nicely done. I enjoyed this episode by far thye most out of all of them and have this one in my favorites. And I dont put any stupid shit in my favorites, it has to be good. Anyways, very nicely done and i'll be awaiting the next episode.