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Reviews for "Strategy Guide Ep. 4"

Eh'r All'r my'r 5'r belong'r to'r that'r

it was really good

Good flash (omgigotindirectlythankedinthecredits)

[10:05:45pm] <Needle> I'll spend the rest of the night bugtesting, adding sound effects, and masturbating.

Needle responds:

Two out of three ain't bad. :D

kicks ass

loved it havn't seen the rest about to go look thought it was really good though keep up the good work

Needle Rocks!

I've been a fan since SG episode 1 and still am a big fan. I liked this episode but felt it had more than a few awkward moments. Keep making more cause you still got it.

Needle responds:

Hey Johm, long time no see :) Still working on my writing, hopefully all the awkwardness will be worked out by the time SG5 comes out. Stay cool!

A triumphant return from the ashes

You definitely took long enough, Needle. I gotta say, this made up for the long wait. Anyways, I've got a couple things to ask about:

1) I recall you saying waaaaay back that Ep. 4 would be themed after Final Fantasy. Why did you ditch that concept for Blaster Master?

2) Regarding your site, I noticed that quite a few sections have been removed. I was wondering if the forums would return anytime soon.

That's all that I've got to ask. I hope to see more SG episodes in the future, now that the series has returned.

Needle responds:

1.) The Final Fantasy episode has been put on indefinite hold - it's far too epic to be released now. I need to let this series mature more before I can release it. Once I do release it, the reasons for this decision will become more obvious... that's all I can really say.

2.) We're slowly bringing everything back up to speed on the website. Many pieces were deactivated to save bandwidth during my downtime.

Hopefully the next episode won't be too far off!