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Reviews for "Strategy Guide Ep. 4"


Another very funny one. I do hope you continue on the series. You did say you were going to use other family members and I would love more reviews. I love looking back on the games I played as a kid.


this was one of my fav series on NG and Needle just up and quit on this, FUCKING SADFACE!!!!!! WHAT HAPPENED!!!! This show also turned me on to Rage, which is a awesome, Back in Time is a fucking amazing song! FML "greener pastures" make me sad in the pants.

Needle responds:

Unfortunately, life has a way of stealing time. Strategy Guide was a fantastic hobby when I was gainfully unemployed. As much as I'd like to continue making these forever and ever, I just do not have the time or resources. I do appreciate your comments though.


I remember seeing this some years ago and I wondered if there was any new ones...but theres not What did Guido's become scraped beyond Repire?

Man that would suck I hope you make more...This is one of the best Series on newgrounds if there is only 4 episodes it still rocks!

I love this and all of Strategy Guide

I've been with it since years ago. And seeing as you responded to your latest comment a few months ago, you're still alive and that's good lol. I just wanna know where you went and what happened? I know you moved to your own place, and sgcartoon.com is gone, and your website on here is just a blog that only has 2 entries. Hope you see this, I would really like to know what's been goin on and if there is any hope of episode 5.

Its good.

Not the best out of all 4 but ok. i gotta ask though. what game is that ship that guido flys from? ive been hunting for a game and that ship looks disturbingly like the ship in the game. SOMEONE HELP ME PLEASE!

Needle responds:

The ship design is original (I have the hand drawings to prove it). However, it's heavily inspired from ship designs from an old PSX game called "Einhander".