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Reviews for "Strategy Guide Ep. 4"

nuthin' special

the story about the guy and his frog was funny, and i liked the animation style, but overall pretty average stuff - i thought it could have been a LOT better

it was good

no really bad parts of the moive but nothing all that cool either, and i downloaded a copy of blaster master for my rock nes emulater and... it sucks, it was a realy bad game.

It's goood

The art is still nice and unique
The animation is pretty smooth
The sound was audible most of the time
The violence was a nice tough
The humour was far out there but well organised and thought out

Good job

OMFG! Voodoo Child!!!!

And it's in a kickass movie too. I'd give you a 100 for sound if i could. You can't do anything about mind-altering drugs without Hendrix involved somewhere, and i salute you for recognizing that. I also love the little pixelated dude flying out of the spaceship when it crashes, that alone made the movie worth watching.


FINALLY! After such a long time of waiting for endless months we are treated to the fourth episode of "Strategy Guide"! Sweetness! This is seriously one of my favorites of all time here at Newgrounds, and it's nice to see another one here! The humor still remains fresh and new, the voices are good, and it NEVER seems to get old! In addition, the animation quality is far better than before and simply HILARIOUS!! (Who can ever forget the racing scene between Guido and his younger brother, Consuelo? Priceless!) I remember playing the game, "Blaster Master" when I downloaded the rom for an emulator once. It was pretty fun and challenging (not too mention ADDICTING!) but yes, the storyline is rather dumb and does sound like it was made by "some little midgets on crack"! LOL! Although there really wasn't much strategy to give the viewers to how the game works in this one (unlike the previous three), it was still very good and we at least got to see the game in action, Guido/Consuelo style! I'll have to say that this is THE best SG by far!! Bring on more eps ASAP!! I LOVE THIS SERIES!