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Reviews for "Strategy Guide Ep. 4"

not that good.

I didnt find the movie funny, I thought it was bland.

Can't stop laughing!

I've never even heard of Blaster Master, and I still laughed my ass off at this. I agree with other reviews that stoner humor isn't exactly the best, but it was a funny addition. It's good having you back after a while!


I don't normally like stoner humour, but this flash surprised me with it's great humour. Keep it up!

Damn funny movie

Nothing like stoner humor and videogame humor all in one movie. The story to Blaster Master was pretty screwed up. Then again, so were the storie to most NES games. Weed and videogames, the perfect combination? In my experience: yes!


There was only a little reviewing in the end, but overall it was funny. It certainly passed the time.