Reviews for "Dick Kick (Modern 8bit)"


I love 8bit tracks, this is very nicely made. I've been listening to all of your songs; I think I found a new favorite artist :D
Just one question... why the song name?

Bunnymajs responds:

i just got the feel of a dick kick when after i first made it ;3

but thanks allot, mate! im honored :)



Love it

Xantophobe is just speaking out of my brain :D
Love your modern 8bit songs!

Her'es an Idea

They should go back to the 8-bit and 16-bit platforms, and let you compose all of the music for every game. That way your passion would become you greatest adversary! JK, but you are damn good at what you do...


sounds familiar

this is great stuff!

it really reminds me of some of the nitrome soundtracks.