Reviews for "What it's Like to be Free"


..really good

man,i so want vocals for this version.

Better than Original!

This is a very faithful remix, but I like how this arranger avoided exactly mimicing the vocal melody of the original. It makes you throw your expectations out the window a little. I also like the way this arranger skillfully avoided a moment of horrific, ear-bleeding dissonance in the original song. It sounds a little different, but keeps all the important parts that this medium allows.

I love the original song, and there are some elements of it that are superior. For example, Ryan Shuck's mostly charming vocals, Amir Derakh's guitars. The thicker, less hollow sound that the method of production they used allows. But none of that can overcome the terrible dissonance in the bridge ("It seems it's just out of *SIGHT*"). This piece is better by default, but that's not it. It's as original as a remix ought to get and faithfully recreates everything that's important, discarding what isn't.

And just to clarify a few things about both this song and my history with it... the original song is "Waking Up" by Julien-K, from the neutral ending of Shadow the Hedgehog. I'm a longtime fan of both Julien-K and Sonic (in fact, I've been a Julien-K fan since before it properly existed). I love Julien-K enough to have crossed state lines to see them live (though not this song), and they are in fact my favorite band. My belief in the superiority of this remix is not in any way a knock at them. It's a testament to the skill and vision of surtur.


...l guess today is your lucky day since l fond this track very enjoyable...
Yes, maybe it's a bit bland but it is a very light track that doesen't sit on your stomach after listening to it if you know what l mean...
Nice job, l hope you make more like this but with more effects.

surtur responds:

Thank you sir.

I may work on this some more and resubmit it if I can give myself the kick in the butt I need to get motivated.

is it posible

this song was ok to begin with but the remix is wow few things i dont like not as smooth scrachy