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Reviews for "Neo-Bender SE"

I wish I could do that...

Wow! The animation was great - almost as good as hostage situation and it was funny as well. The part with the "white rabbit" made me laugh. It could have been funnier but I still think it's better than ziao ziao and mini-golf.


hey,that was funny. But honestly,the Matrix spoofs are getting old.

Thought that it was well done.

I liked how you blended in the matrix and futurama together. That was original I don't think that I would of thought of that. Very cool.

what the fuck is with this movie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

it sucks the one robot didnt sound at all like mr.smith at all.and bender what u got some dush that trys bad impressons all day that voice for bender suked.make it better i wasted like 5 or 6 mints on thin lame ass movie.make it better.

Very good graphics and style but...

What the fuck is with the pillsbury doughboy?