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Reviews for "Neo-Bender SE"

Graphics were so awesome.

I like the neo-bender series, and this one definatly was a really good movie. It's quite understandable, but not really, that some people wouldn't actually like this. I really thought it was good. Neo-Bender is cool, but I can't help the fact that Neo didn't go out the window. What's so great about this is, is that you have taking the details to the max. You have zoomed in on the movie, (.fla source) and so when at 100% view, the graphics are really cool, uncrappy, and that took a while for me to try out myself, so I can't help it to give u a 10 for graphics. I liked the way you designed the outside, (road, u know what I mean) and the martial arts scene must of took hours. Just to the look of it. Too bad it was probably a couple of motion tweens. But it was great. "Welcome to the real world." lol, I gave you a ten on humor for the matial arts book and the pillsberry doughboy. lol, that was funny. The interactivity is dealing with buttons. The sound is of course matrix, and a very cool movie, and I must give you a ten. It's also in stereo, which adds cooler quality. Style is... well... I guess in a way how well you have really put effort on this work, or something, or how, let me put this...ideas. Your ideas we're good, as well as your other neo-bender movies, and it's a cool idea to work on a movie with such cool graphics, and the file size was low for this kind of movie, so it's a 10 on style, if it probably doesn't fit this catagory, so what? The violence wasn't involved with blood, but there was kicking and of course, wait a minute, THERE IS BLOOD! hey you get a nine, what do you know. and finally, u get a ten on overall, cuz this the longest fucking review I have ever written, besides its a cool movie!!! ;-)! c00l m0vie!!

Thank u!

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you are a GOD

Kick... ass... I think I could carve a statue of you and worship it... but I dont' know what you look like.

Dis be good!

Iv been waiting for this movie, and it was worth my time!

Fucking Awesome

fucking hillarious, hey I wasn wondering if you can e-mail me who does the music in the credits my e-mail is Dangerous_D69@animetheme.com