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Reviews for "Neo-Bender SE"

Just as cool as the others =D

Just as cool looking as the others. I like the 3-D stuff.
People just don't get that it was made in 2001, eh?


I watched all three so far and they blow! THe only good thing is BENDER! Of course someone had 2 find a way 2 ruin a good thing. How could anyone butcher BENDER in this way. Kudos for the imagination and time put into it, but pleez dont make anymore!


ok its not a good futurama of Matrix joke.


Hehehheh...Pillsbury Doughboy gets rocked! You can never see too much violence inflicted on that little bastard! HAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!

You sir have insulted Matt and I...

That was horrible, I mean if you can't do it good I wouldn't do it at all. For one bender doesn't have a tongue... I think you know where you went wrong in the voices... sounds even worse than how bender sounded in the beginning episodes. The animation was bad also, bender was too short and too fat... Just bad, I know you meant well but seriously before you put something out there take a good look at it and think, will fans of Futurama and Bender lovers actually enjoy this because for me the answer is no.