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Reviews for "Neo-Bender SE"

Abser-fuckin-loutely outstanding

Top marx for a top flick, Keep the bender spoofs comin. they are by far the best i have seen on this site.

Wretched Ripoff

ok lemme get this straight... you decide to do a spoof on the matrix. Thats kewl, i mean the matrix was an awesome movie which kicked major ass, and some original spoofs would be quite humorous. But what the fuck? what the hell is with this bender thing? God that is the stupidest addition to this whole fuckinng thing. If you made Neo a squirrel, it would be funnier. If you made him look like he wasnt staring at nothing all the time then maybe it would be believable. I know i cant do better, personally i love the animation skills, i just seriously question ur logic as to make such a stupid spoof.
Please get rid of the bender addition, i stand for matrix fans and futurama fans when i say this: no more bender!

Good job

Now THAT was a good movie!


ULtra COmeDY

Plain Sick.

I like it.